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Documentation (pdf)

Aluminium or Carbon Rigger Options

Choose from Aluminium or Carbon wing riggers in stern mounted or reverse mounted configurations

Aluminium or Carbon Hilt Holder Options

For carbon reverse wing riggers choose from carbon or aluminium holt holder assembly
aliante carbon components_2.jpg

Standard Concept 2 Gate or Filippi Oarlock 3.0 Options

The Oarloack 3.0 offer tool-less adjustment by the rower for height, pitch and oarlock width for different sleeve gemoetry

Filippi MAS20 Rowing Shoes

Dual Rotor Knob design for maximum comfort, fit and transfer of drive to the boat!

Carbon Footretcher

All Filippi boats come with carbon adjustable foot stretchers that allow for huge amounts of adjustment to ensure the athlete is comfortable and able to apply as must power as possible
all-in-one footstretcher quick-set plate-9 (1).jpg

Filippi Rowing Shoes Quick release

Optional accessory for easy swapping of shoes in and out of boat

Optional Carbon Integrated Foot Stretcher

All Filippi single sculls come with an integrated foot stretcher.  Choose from the standard aluminium design or the new updated carbon design available on the Performance range
all-in-one footstretcher quick-set plate-8.jpg
all-in-one footstretcher quick-set plate-6.jpg

4 in 1 Adjustable Carbon Bearing Seat

Available with flat, small, medium or large bum pad inserts.  Choose from a non adjustable or height adjustable seat

Option of Convex or Concave Seat Rail System

Aluminium concave slides are supplied standard with Filippi rowing boats. There is the option to have aluminium convex seat rails or carbon convex rails with the Performance range of boa

Optional Carbon Fin

Available for both coxed and coxless boats including single sculls
black anodized fin 1x 2x.png
AeRowFin 2-.png

NK® Speaker System*

*coxed boats only

Custom Colour Options

Looking for your dream boat or a "halo boat" that represents your program as well as your athletes do?  We can make it happen!  Simply provide the RAL colour codes and we will deliver you your custom boat!
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