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Rowing Trailers

Safe, Practical, Lightweight and Affordable


Designed By Rowers

PBR Rowing Trailers are designed by experienced rowers and coaches in response to traditional trailer designs where the trailers are too dangerous to load, too heavy to tow and poorly designed to meet the needs of School and Club programs

Your Trailer, Your Way

Our trailers are offered in various configurations.  3, 4 or 5 racks high, with the option of a removable top rack to reduce unnecessary weight and drag.  The configuration of the racks can be altered to suit the needs of the program with a symmetrical (3 equal columns, perfect for quad/fours and eights) or asymmetrical (narrow/wide/narrow, perfect for clubs with lots small boats to load), or a fully enclosed racking design to maximise small boat transport configurations possible.  They key here is that we will work with you to ensure you get the perfect trailer fro your needs


Safety First

Our trailers are designed with 3 sliding steps as well as full length steps on each side of the trailer.  This ensure that loading is safe and simple.  This feature of our trailers is incredibly popular and has been seen as a real game changer, especially for School programs!

Trailer Quote Request

Please complete this form and we will be in contact to discuss your exact needs, guide you through the options for your new trailer and ensure we quote you for the perfect trailer for your rowing program!

Alastair:  0488622208

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